Always have,always will
Brian and Michael moments


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Brian: I'm glad you came

Michael:We've always been there for each other

Brian: You more than me.

Michael: That's not true.

Brian: Ya it is. I can be shitty to you sometimes. I know that. But it's only because I know that you'll always love me no matter what.

Michael: I do.

Brian: I do too. Always have, always will. I don't know how I could have made it without you.


Michael: Your just jealous cause someone finally thinks i'm hot or something.

Brian: You ARE hot or something. I've been telling you that since you were 14, but you don't listen to me.


Brian: I want it to be you.

Michael: What?

Brian: I want it to be you, i'll put it in writing

Michael: I want it to be you too. You pull my plug.

Brian: And you pull mine.


Brian: There is always one solution, I could end it all right now.

Michael: Oh that'd be dramatic. Just like E.R...birth and death in the same episode. No...GET DOWN!!!

Brian: Then you'll have to come get me.

Michael: I'm serious, stop clowning!

Brian: OR I'LL JUMP!!