Always have,always will
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Brian: There is always one solution. I could end it all right now.

Michael: Oh that'd be dramatic...just like E.R...birth and death in the same episode...No..GET DOWN!

Brian: Then you'll have to come and get me

Michael: I'm serious STOP clowning!

Brian: OR I'LL JUMP!!

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Brian: I'm glad you came with me.

Michael: We've always been there for each other.

Brian: You more than me.

Michael: That's not true.

Brian: Ya it is. I know I can be shitty to you. I know that. But it's only because I know that you'll always love me no matter what.

Michael: I do

Brian: I do too. Always have, always will. I don't know how I could have made it without you

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Michael: Your just jealous cause someone finally think's I'm hot or something.

Brian: You ARE hot or something. I've been telling you that since you were 14, but you don't believe me.

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Michael: Don't you know that you still have your powers. ALL your powers. Whether you're 18...or 30...or your 50...or your 100! You will always be young and you will always be beautiful. YOUR BRIAN KINNEY FOR F*** SAKES!

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Brian: Cmon Mikey, let's fly. Like in all those comic books. I'm superman...i'll show you the world.

Michael: Why am I always Lois Lane?

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Brian: What's this?

Michael: Chocolate Eclairs from the Big Q Bakery. I bought them for dess...

(Micheal becomes speechless as Brian shoves a whole Eclair in his mouth)

Emmett: WOW it takes years of practice to develop a technique like that.

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Michael: It's digusting, all those lesbians fawning over him and making goo-goo talk.

Brian: Thats what women do over babies.

Michael: Who's talking about the baby? I mean Justin.

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Brian: (To Michael) You look fantastic....You ARE fantastic.

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Michael: So what is this? Adopt-A-Trick? First he's a one night stand, now he's moved in.

Brian: It's only temporary.

Michael: Uhh huh....untill he grows up?

Brian: Untill I can figure out what to do with him.

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Brian: Well what do you know, just like the boys said. Flowers. Dinner at moms. Now an invitation to the country.

Michael: You're mad.

Brian: Why would I be mad? I mean who wants to be on a crowded dance floor surrounded by naked men covered in soap suds when you could be breathing all that fresh country air.

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Brian: You should have heard him. "How's my successful son. I'm a little short of cash. Never should have been a family man."

Michael: That's ancient history, now go to sleep.

Brian: He never changes. Not his bullshit. Not his life.

Michael: When are you ever gonna learn. That's all he is. That's all he can be.

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Michael: I think the artist has taken some liberties.

Brian: Thats a perfect likeness

Michael: Oh come on, it was NEVER that big.

Brian: Hey, you havn't seen it in a long time.

Michael: I havn't seen "Gone with the Wind' in a long time either but I know it's still 3 and 1/2 hours.

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Mysterious Marylin: You, the one with the boyfriend. Sit. Put your digits on the Ouija sweetheart. Ouija what is his true love's name? B.......R.......I......

Ted: Oh this is too wierd.

Michael: That is NOT my boyfriend's name.

Mysterious Marylin: That wasn't the question.

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Ted and Emmett: (singing back up vocals to the song "The Boy From New York City")

Michael: (takes lead vocals in high falsetto with Ted and Emmett continuing backup)

Brian: Will you shut the F*** up?!?

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